The Backstory

A lover of words, classic-rock music, and travel, Brandi is a professional writer, editor, storyteller, and content strategist based in Los Angeles, California, by way of Toledo, Ohio, and Portland, Maine.

Brandi_Neal_WritingShe wrote her first short story, “The Missing Kids,” at age 7; and she has been at it ever since. A lifestyle writer for the women’s website Bustle, Brandi has more than 15 years of experience in editorial writing, editing, and management.

In her copywriting, she is committed to helping companies develop solid storytelling techniques to cultivate brand awareness, and loyalty among consumers. As a strategist she is fascinated by the psychology behind marketing and communications, and is committed to visualizing the long game in order to achieve maximum results for strategic campaigns.
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The Toolbox

Brandi’s expertise include developing and executing targeted email campaigns; global and virtual events promotion; editorial development, writing and management; web development copywriting; marketing and content copywriting; user-experience testing; copy and content editing; and video scriptwriting (she doesn’t take herself too seriously —  watch Brandi in this instructional skiing video >>).

She also has experience in executing social media influencer campaigns, and online marketing and content strategy for global B2B companies like New Generation Network, B2C companies like L.L.Bean, membership organizations such as YPO, and consulting firms like The Dobbins Group.
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Brandi is consistently recognized for producing high quality work under tight deadlines with dedicated work groups of all sizes. A strong leader, she has myriad experience successfully managing remote, global writing and marketing teams.
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Artistic Endeavors

A former fiction editor for the literary review The New Guard, Brandi was also co-editor of the  University of Southern Maine’s four-genre, graduate-student literary magazine, Stonecoast Lines, and founder/executive editor of the narrative nonfiction magazine The Blue Room. She was a 2016 Idyllwild Arts Summer Writers Week Creative Nonfiction Fellow and a 2012 Summer Literary Series Workshop Fiction Fellowship finalist.

Currently, she is revising her memoir Night Swimming, the story of her tumultuous childhood navigating life with her eccentric Vietnam veteran father suffering from undiagnosed PTSD.
Read an excerpt of “Night Swimming” >>

Brandi is available for writing, editing and consulting. Please contact for rates. Some of the places Brandi has been published include:

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