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Branded Videos

Scriptwriting, voiceover coaching and production supervision

Women’s YPO Network

Less than 5 percent of Fortune 100 companies are headed by women — the Women’s YPO Network is committed to making sure that every little girl (who wants to) can become a chief executive.

  • Wrote script promoting YPO’s premier global women’s network.
  • Directed interviews on site in New York City.
  • Supervised production edits and voiceover.

YPO Entrepreneurship and Innovation Network

How comfortable are chief executives with being uncomfortable? For those who identify as entrepreneurs, living on the edge of uncertainty is business as usual. And, it often comes with a big payoff for those willing to leap into the unknown and leverage their passion in search of profit. Read the story >>

  • Wrote script
  • Provided production edits and feedback.

L.L.Bean School Backpacks: Built to Last

I received an L.L.Bean backpack as a gift when I graduated from high school in 1996, and I still use it all of the time — they literally last forever.

  • Collaborated with team to develop and storyboard concept.
  • Supervised voiceover.

L.L.Bean: How to Cross-Country Ski

My skiing experience includes one disastrous winter camping trip in seventh grade and one other day of skiing in my 20s where the only way I knew how to stop was by gliding into a group of trees. Despite my fear (and lack of knowledge) of skiing, when the actress failed to show up for this video shoot, I agreed to star in the video.

  • Researched and wrote script.
  • Starred in video despite not knowing how to ski.
  • Supervised production and voiceover.

L.L.Bean Product Safety Testing

Ever wonder if the products you purchase are really tested for quality and safety before you get your hands on them? At L.L.Bean, they are put through a rigorous testing process, which is why they last forever and come with a lifetime satisfaction guarantee.

  • Visited L.L.Bean product testing lab.
  • Wrote and developed script.
  • Supervised production and voiceover.


L.L.Bean: How to Choose a Kayak

From camping to fishing to sea kayaking, there’s a lot more to kayaking than I ever realized — which is why choosing the right kayak for intended use and paddling conditions is key to staying upright during your kayaking adventures.

  • Wrote script explaining myriad differences in L.L.Bean’s wide array of kayaks.
  • Supervised production and voiceover.

L.L.Bean Comfort Ranges

Have you ever bought a winter coat that seemed no more useful than a paper bag? Comfort ranges guarantee your warmth in a range of temperatures and are scientifically tested at the University of Kansas Institute for Environmental Research.

  • Researched and wrote script.
  • Delivered key information to consumers about to choose the best winter jacket for their lifestyle.
  • Supervised voiceover.

L.L.Bean Super 200 Cresta Fleece Jacket

Think all fleece jackets are designed the same? Think again. This one blocks four times more wind than an ordinary fleece.

  • Collaborated with product developer to write script.
  • Supervised production and voiceover.

L.L.Bean Women’s Mountain Laurel Outerwear 

Meet the woman behind an outerwear collection that incorporates style and function to make sure you stay warm without looking like the Abominable Snow(wo)man.

  • Collaborated with product developer to write script.
  • Starred in video alongside product developer.
  • Supervised production and voiceover.

L.L.Bean Discovery Cross-Country Ski Sets

If you’re like me, and have no idea how to ski, this ski set is a worthy introduction to the popular winter sport. If you live in New England, or the Upper Midwest, where winter seems to drag on forever, cross-country skiing gets you outdoors enjoying the (seemingly) never-ending winter.

  • Wrote script.
  • Supervised production and voiceover.

Direct From Freeport, Maine

Every customer who completes an order with L.L.Bean receives an email of this video explaining the journey their order takes before it reaches them.

  • Researched history of order fulfillment at L.L.Bean.
  • Wrote script.
  • Supervised voiceover production.


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